Athena Chapter 2 Sneak Peak

Recently I’ve had Athena rolling around in my head and I really want to make this book happen! For the past bit I’ve been making pages and this is the first one that I’ve completed so far. Here is a sneak peak at page 2 of Athena Chapter 2!

Athena Ch 2 Pg 2

Chapter 1 of Athena was very experimental. Some of the choices I made were done to save time and energy, such as the more detailed backgrounds. I took photographs of my sister in law’s house and traced over those images in photoshop because I have a hard time with perspective and drawing things that don’t flow organically. The tracing process ultimately takes just as long as if I was to draw the backgrounds on paper so time-wise I don’t think I’m saving myself any! But I liked the slick look it produced in contrast to the hand drawn characters. It is a subtle contrast but I feel that it works. I think I’ve come a ways since the first pages of Athena were done in 2010. Since then I’ve been able to keep a better eye on composition and how a story presented in a comic should flow. I have so much more to learn and I hope that Athena chapter 2 is equally challenging and rewarding. I’m not sure if I’ll have a book ready for November (Comic Con) but I’ll try my hardest to get it close!