New Work

Hurrah! I’ve been drawing again!   Bears for Robyn Z! Knox facial sheet! I’ve realize how much different he looks since I last drew him (over a year ago). His proportions are a little more sensible… but I guess this is his face more at rest since normally he’s always yelling about something. His eyes are normally more buggy.  

Help I’m Alive

I’ve been in a bit of a drawing slump lately. Haven’t been creating as much as I used to but I guess I owe that to the business of life, which isn’t even all that busy. Once a week my friends and I try to sit down and make art happen, which sometimes happens and sometimes leads to wine and …

Goodnight, Thailand

New painting in the same fashion of Rocket Girl. This image might be reworked later but its been sitting around for a while and I just felt that I needed to get it to a point where I could move onto another project. There might be one more in this series. Acrylic on canvas, 10″ x 14″.

C4 is Fast Approaching

Where has the time gone? It’s already the middle of April and I will soon be booking a table for Comic Con. Do I feel prepared? Not in the least! But C4 isn’t until November so I guess I have some cushioning room to make arts to sell. My website has been pretty dry for the past while and part …

Athena Chapter 2 Sneak Peak

Recently I’ve had Athena rolling around in my head and I really want to make this book happen! For the past bit I’ve been making pages and this is the first one that I’ve completed so far. Here is a sneak peak at page 2 of Athena Chapter 2! Chapter 1 of Athena was very experimental. Some of the choices …

Carbon vs Spider

Extracts of Aspiration are now available for sale! Contact me if you are interested in a copy and want to put in a request for one or all three. In other news, carbon finally get’s some sweet comic luvin’. Part two and three are in the Comic section!  

Merry (Belated) Chrismas!

Hoping everybody is having a great holiday! I know I sure am, although I don’t know how much more rich leftovers I can handle. An indulging week of sugar and fats has ended and now I’m adjusting my diet back to the way it was so that my stomach will no longer plead with me: “Why are you doing this …

Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas! I am currently back in the studio and am printing more copies of Aspects of Aspiration! Email me if you are wanting a copy and to get a quote on the price! Also, here is a nice wintery doodle to make you feel fuzzy inside. Lisa

Ice Princess

Flat color layout idea for Ice print! Not the full body shot… now I’m wondering if I want to do the whole body? Hmmmm! Decisions, decisions! Yes, I’m back in the studio! Aspects of Aspiration posters are underway! Unfortunately I’m running out of paper to make more than twenty prints of each so it looks like I’ll have to do …