The Meeting Place

The images below were displayed on three large screens above the stage and acted as visuals for the the sermons.

Fruit of the Spirit: A Taste of what Real Life Looks Like

Fruit of the Spirit 3

Fruit of the Spirit was made for the 2014 eight week summer series running at The Meeting Place.

The logo created for series references the iconic Popsicle logo.

Fruit of the Spirit Logo

Fruit of the Spirit 1 Fruit of the Spirit 2

Details from the main graphic.

A Saviour is Born


A Saviour is Born was part of the Advent Series done for The Meeting Place Christmas 2013.

Saviour Text

Angels 2 Angels 1 

Details from the main graphic.

Emergency Series

Emergency Button

A series of posters were created for the University of Manitoba School of Art building. A booklet was eventually made and distributed throughout the campus.

Emergency Number Work Buddy 2 Work Buddy Safe Walk Code Blue Emergency Phone 2

Stay Warm Love Winter

Stay Warm Love Winter was a service project developed through Martha Street Studio’s Citizen Designer program to promote warmth and comfort during the winter season. Posters were hung in the downtown and Exchange area, accompanied by a hanging pair of new mittens that were free for anybody who needed them. Developed with designer and artist Jess Holl.



Stay Warm with Mittens