C4 is Fast Approaching

Where has the time gone? It’s already the middle of April and I will soon be booking a table for Comic Con. Do I feel prepared? Not in the least! But C4 isn’t until November so I guess I have some cushioning room to make arts to sell. My website has been pretty dry for the past while and part of that is because a) no personal scanner and b) lack of inspiration! But I do have a new painting to show off!

Go Rocket Girl

I haven’t painted in ages so one day I sat down, looked at my dried old paint tubes and crummy brushes and decided to force myself to make a picture. I’m considering doing another series featuring ladies with hats… or something. I seem to like to make images of girls with stuff on their heads or in their hair right now. And just between us… if these kinds of helmets were considered normal to wear on a daily basis I would totally wear one and people wouldn’t think I’m cray.

I don’t want it to seem like my whole year revolves around C4 but I feel like right now I don’t have another outlet where I can show and sell my work, which is silly because there are thousands of outlets! I just need to take the leap.

In other news I’m preparing Athena for publication. Granted there is a lot of work that still needs to be done but I’m hoping to get it ready to debut at C4 in November. That’s probably my biggest concern! If anybody has any advice about self publishing then send me an email!

Aside from that my portfolio page needs work. Overall I’m a little unsatisfied with my websites look and the limitations for being creative. If only I was good at web design! So don’t freak out if one day you come back and everything is different and (hopefully) working better than ever!