Full length graphic novel set to be published in early 2019 through At Bay Press.

Four woman from different backgrounds come together for a common goal: to free women and young girls from the underground world of human trafficking. However, these woman have a less-than altruistic motive for joining: the promise of a high payment from an anonymous benefactor. Will they develop a strong bond and respect for one another and the women they free, or will they walk away with cash in hand and never look back?

CURB ANGELS is a fiction graphic novel in the works, written by Christopher Ducharme and Lisa Mendis, and illustrated by Lisa Mendis. The full length novel is set to be published in the spring of 2019 through At Bay Press. A 15 page teaser was released late 2017 and limited copies are available by request of At Bay Press.

“Action, intrigue and a boldly unique art style pour out of every single page. With a diverse cast of strong female characters, Curb Angels is a refreshing addition to the graphic novel landscape.”

Scott A. Ford, author of Giants’ Well and winner of the 2017 Manuela Dias Award General Illustrated Category

Continue to check here, At Bay Press, Christopher’s Instagram or Lisa’s Instagram for updates, information, and progress. A blog with sketches and process will be added soon.



Born in New Delhi, India, Jula may be small, but she is quick, fierce and has a desire to help those in need. Jula joins the group to seek justice in a cruel world, but says little about who she is and what kind of a life she left behind in India.





From Kyoto, Japan, Reiko is quiet, but what she lacks in words she makes up in strength. Her first solution is to throw the first punch, but Reiko holds onto a dark secret none of the group could ever understand.





Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Kat is down and dirty street fighter with a bad attitude. She’s more concerned about watching her own back and doesn’t care what others think, or at least that’s how she wants to appear.





From Copenhagen, Denmark, Waffles is the leader of the group and insists they follow her rules at all times. She is flamboyant, ballsy, and irrational, constantly getting the group into dangerous situations with the promise of a high payoff. Waffles always has a trick up her sleeve, maybe one too many as far as the others are concerned.