Don’t Cheat, Just Type!

One pet peeve I developed as I was studying graphic design was the use of “grungy” fonts. Not that going “grunge” is always a great idea when it comes to design but how serious can you take a crazy, beaten up old font when two letters placed beside each other have the exact same flaw? For example:


Thank you, Cracked. You were useful never.

My point is that if you desire a certain “grungy” effect to your typeface then you should keep it in the organic realm. If you want something that looks hand drawn then hand draw it. If you want something that looks like it was ripped in half, then print the font you want and literally rip it in half. Sure, maybe most people won’t notice but the people who have an eye for type will really appreciate whatever extra effort you put into your work. Let’s not forget those photoshop wizards who can achieve the exact same thing without leaving their computers because that takes a special level of skill. However, there is something to be said about something that is hand crafted and used in modern design.

Below is my Just Type project and an example of a few ways you can amp up a normal font and make it your own. Surprisingly it was trickier than I anticipated, especially Fold It, because damn I folded many little pieces of paper to get make sure you could still read it and get the effect. Warning: If you’re an enviro-nut then this method isn’t for you, but if you must then do what you can to fit in as much examples on ONE piece of paper. I also found that certain types of paper will not lose toner when you manhandle it.

Type Poster WhiteJust Type Black

In an unrelated note, I removed the STORE section in my menu bar because I now have an Etsy account where you can purchase my recent work! The link to my shop is currently on my contact page. There are only a few items up there now but in time my little shop will grow. Remember, I will always take requests and suggestions!