Hello all!

I am back from an amazing journey through India! Together with a handful of great friends we traveled through Kolkata, Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. We saw monkeys, drank from coconuts, took part of a wedding, danced at a sangeet and met some truly unbelievable new friends that I hope to stay connected with. We were gone for only a couple of weeks but the culture shock didn’t settle in until I had returned home where I saw how empty and isolated North Americans live. My dear friend Heather wisely said that it was because we were so immersed into the Indian culture (spending a lot of time with the family of our friends who were getting married) was the reason we returned home with a great sense of loss. I have yet to recover, and can’t even fathom how people who do missions work or travel abroad for months, even years, return home the same person they were when they left. There are plans to return to India, possibly for my 30th birthday, but that is a few years away and these plans are up in the air. I’m completely open to new possibilities in the future. Now is the time to explore!

Realistically, since I’m now home life must carry on and I try to wonder what there is here for me. I have wonderful friends, a supportive family and hopefully some exciting work opportunities starting in the new year. I didn’t draw during my short travels, but when I came back I had this little idea in mind.

Rujula Travels


A mock up for a children’s book called Rujula Travels. I had a tiger character a while back in high school when the first waves of my obsession with all things India began and she has now resurfaced! It would be like a scrapbook of Rujula traveling around her favourite places in India. Of course this would reflect my own travels as well as the experiences of my friends who actually live out there. The image above is a classic pose one simply must do while visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra. Observe:

Taj Mahal

Ah… so close!

I hope to be very busy in the next couple of weeks and have some new projects to post for you all to see. Speaking of which, my Awareness page in the design section has been updated, and a few new projects have been posted for your enjoyment! God bless and have a great new year!