Instagram Is Just Easier, Guys!

There. I said it.

After spending most of my evening scouring my accounts, finally finding out how much is left on my remaining student loans (the constant noose around my neck) and trying to figure out a plan on how to pay everything off I decided I needed a break and reward myself with a trip to Facebook! Because there isn’t a Baskin Robins where I live. After publishing about the birth of my second nephew (Oliver Benjamin) I came across my friend Noelle’s new Missadventurous blog! She shares some of her insights into her life and after reading her posts I became inspired and decided it was time to update my website after not posting anything since my return from Montreal!

There is something in our lives that I can only call the Big Distraction. The Big Distraction is an unseen force that causes us to wander away from the things that we know are right, true, good and productive among many other things. Instead of committing to anything worth anything in our lives we choose to worship the Big Distraction. Facebook, Netflix, our phones… basically if you’re “connected” you have just become disconnected, isolated from the real world and the things that are present in your life that need addressing right now. For example, I haven’t been facing the truth about my student loans for years, and it took this long to finally face them, saw it for was it was and start to wake up and make a plan on how to tackle this debt beast in my life. I wanted to put time aside to work on an exciting new project with my buddy Chris of Anonymi Press, but instead I committed to Facebook binging, something I don’t always do (though part of the Big Distraction, ironically it allowed me to make an incredible connection with a friend that will help with our project). Long story short, I did not work enough on our new comic, which I will make a separate post about soon.

The Big Distraction pulls me away from a lot of important things in my life. I allowed it to persuade me form pursuing my art for a couple of years, I allowed it to affect a lot of relationships in my life, I allowed it to affect my relationship with God most of all. In the end, we all need to wake up and stop worshiping the Big Distraction. There is so much more I could say, but instead, have a naked woman with a sword.


Now that’s a distraction! Better scans and new art will be uploaded soon!

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