This past spring I took a lithography course at Martha Street Studio, taught by the very talented and knowledgeable Igor Puzhevich! Since it has been several months since I took this class my memory is a little fuzzy on all the details involved in the whole process, which I’ve decided is basically alchemy.

If you’ve never heard of lithography I will do my best to explain! It is a printmaking process that uses limestone as its surface. Typically when you work with lithography you create hand rendered images using a grease pen or tusche that is etched into the stone using gum arabic. The grease pen gave me soft tones and many tones, whereas tusche creates an image that looks similar to india ink.


I was amazed at the results, but even more so with the technique! As I’ve said, complete alchemy. I can’t even imagine how people have developed this process! And I can’t even use my words to describe how it all goes together, and since I’m no expert I think it’s best for you to do some research on lithography. So uh… have some pictures!

IMG_3725 IMG_3799

IMG_3802 Snowy Owl


Examples of my first print using the grease pen.

IMG_0477  P1020516


Last image I created combined the grease pen and the tusche.

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