Merry (Belated) Chrismas!

Hoping everybody is having a great holiday! I know I sure am, although I don’t know how much more rich leftovers I can handle. An indulging week of sugar and fats has ended and now I’m adjusting my diet back to the way it was so that my stomach will no longer plead with me: “Why are you doing this to meeeeeeeee?”

In art related news, I’ve completed yet another month in the studio. Made some Christmas presents for family and friends (SHOULD have taken pictures of them but didn’t of course!) and also… TA DAAH!

Print photo

A new set of Extracts of Aspiration has been printed! I have 20 new copies of each print that still need to be trimmed. They will be available in the New Year for purchase so keep an eye out for an update in the next two weeks regarding prices and availability. Sigh… I wish I could figure out how to work a store into my website. Soon enough!

In website related news, I will be reworking my Design section so that it looks more like my Gallery section because I don’t want to upload all my work onto one page. It’s better if everything is organized and categorized, which is what true design should reflect (well, on a website anyways).

Lastly there is a new image in my Originals Gallery titled You, Me and the Weather! I’ve been waiting to upload it because it was a gift for somebody.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!