Necro High Sneak Peak & Comic Con!

Necro High has been laying dormant for many, many moons… but the beast slumbers no more! Here are the first three pages at Chapter 2: Run for Your Life!


I’m not sure how obvious it is where I left off a couple of years ago and where I started up again this year. I think the cleaner line art halfway through the second page may give it away. There are some rusty areas that need to be reworked but I’m just happy to be comic-ing again! Comic Con is coming up next month so I don’t think I’ll have this available there in time. Not unless I ignore life and chain myself to my drawing table, which is possible with the help of new music and copious amounts of coffee. We shall see!

Comic Con is here at last! I have been looking forward to it because I had such a positive experience last year. I have some prints from last year that I reprinted for this year, as well as several new prints that will be available. Maybe there will be some familiar faces and of course a lot of new faces! Come look for my table November 1, 2 and 3!