November Rising

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my website. Not cool. Will keep on top of things from now on. I’ve expressed in earlier posts that I haven’t been creatively inclined this whole year, which is a long, long, long time for me. However, thanks to C4 this year I’ve managed to kick my butt and finally make some new art!

This was my third year having a table at C4, and every year is different. There were tons of fantastic artists showcasing in Artist Alley, which was amazing. I was surrounded by incredibly talented and passionate individuals and I easily fed off of their energy. Among some of the brilliant minds there were Scott Ford and Sam Secter, Autumn Crossman, Amy Rogalski, Chris Ducharme and GMB Chomichuck. Artist Alley took in a huge crowd and there were many repeat offenders (and I say “offenders” with great affection!), many who stopped to say hello, to offer words of encouragement or to deliver an amusing anecdote that just made my day. My friend Heather, who deserves amazing props for being my table mate for the whole weekend, and I had the perfect opportunity to people watch and we weren’t disappointed with the effort the cosplayers put into their creations. As always, I am sad that the weekend is over but I’m already making plans for what new things I can bring to the table (literally) next year. Perhaps I’ll even show at other cons across Canada, who knows? Thank you to everybody who made this year another amazing year!

For those who didn’t get a chance to pick up any of my prints this weekend I have the following pieces available for sale, though there is a limited quantity. Simply contact me if you are interested and we can discuss price and delivery!

God Bless you, Con-goers! You make the whole thing worth it! See you next year for sure!

River WomanRiver Woman Prints

ThunderbirdThunderbird print

Just MarriedJust Married Prints

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