The Artist’s Life

So I’ve been pretty much absent for the past while, neglecting my poor little website and out frolicking with wild things instead (i.e. Netflix and job). Truth be told I haven’t been making a crazy amount of art lately. Every so often an artist gets a nasty block that stops them from pushing forward creatively. I haven’t had a block like this in ages. It sucks.

Normally I’m opening my sketchbook daily and doodling even if it’s something small. Lately I haven’t been doing that, instead stopping myself because I’m convinced that I need to come up with newer, bigger, better ideas. I have ideas that have been lingering somewhere on the edges of cerebral madness but none of them excite me and instead I’m left feeling exhausted.

Really, what needs to happen is I need to force myself to draw, even if that means I’m not going to like it or even complete it… kind of like putting together any IKEA furniture.

In the meantime I have a couple of pieces that I’ve made in the past month that I feel are website ready. The artist must move forward. The artist must persevere. The artist must learn to stop worrying and love the rock (or something).

Artifex Vitae

Midnight Sun