Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies is a fiction annual released by At Bay Press where several local writers and artists combine their short stories, poems and visual pieces to create a compelling, mythical and dark array of story telling. The book was successfully launched in October at McNally Robinson Booksellers. This year I was pleased to be included as one of the artists contributing to this project. I was sent the stories in their raw documents and given the task to read each one and make a piece of art that highlights a portion of the story. It was a fun and thrilling project to work on for many reasons. 1) I love to read and to illustrate images from an amazing work of fiction is a dream come true. 2) Scary, because I wanted to do these images justice and hoped that what I created was in line with the authors vision. 3) I’ve never been published in this way, with a book launch and everything! I have had my work in local newspapers, but this was something else. What an honour.

I highly recommend Secrets & Lies, and suggest you pick up a copy at McNally to support local artists, authors and booksellers. Here are the illustrations that were included in the final print.

Illustration for A Common Enemy

Illustration for Larkin and Luella

Illustration for Lost Truth Found

Illustration for The Lou Lou Poems

Illustration for The Promise Land

Illustration for Madame Estelle