Curb Angels


Scotland, India, Japan, and Denmark. Four strangers are recruited by the mysterious Curb Angels, a discreet website dedicated to fulfilling the debts, duties, and dirty deeds of well paying anonymous clients. But once you’re a Curb Angel, you’re bound for life.

Katrina “Kat” McCree is a brawler from Glasgow, Scotland. With a badass mohawk, a nicotine addiction and a letter in her hand Kat takes a chance and joins Curb Angels. She jumps on a high speed train that will lead her to her destiny, or at least a pretty decent paycheck. The job, however, will prove to be much bigger than she had anticipated…

I am pleased to announce the upcoming comic series titled Curb Angels, a collaborative effort between writer Chris Ducharme of Anonymi Press and myself as artist. Join Kat and many others she runs into as they travel across the world and get into all sorts of trouble. Adventure, danger and espionage, Curb Angels has it in spades!

The first chapter of Curb Angels will be released in early 2017. Keep checking Prairie Pariah and Anonymi Press, as well as my Instagram for updates. In the meantime you can preview the first nine pages here.

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