Faces of India


I spent the last three weeks in India, traveling around Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. It was my second trip back to a country that many have declared as a place of extremes, stark contrasts, diversity and immense beauty, all of which I agree are the best ways to describe India for those who have never been. Last year I didn’t make a single sketch, a regret that led me to buy a small sketch book this time, determined to document my experiences as a visual journal. This proved to be more difficult than I had imagined. Never was there a point where I could sit and focus on one subject long enough to create a piece on the spot. India is not a place where you go to rest and relax. It is a place that is always moving and if you don’t move with it you will quickly find yourself forced to go, regardless of how firm you try to stand your ground.

I didn’t have a plan as to what I was going to try to capture. All I knew was that I wanted to draw. At first I began focusing on the buildings since India is filled with striking architecture. I soon realized that I hate drawing buildings and that such things are best captured in other ways. I quickly switched my focus on the people my team and I encountered on our journey. When my team captured beautiful moments on camera I translated them onto paper, the only way I felt adequate to present my time in India. A young girl selling flowers at the side of the road, a man feeding his goat, a group of women shopping the local markets. This collection captures a tiny glimpse into a world where billions eat, drink, work, play and survive. These are the people that you will encounter there. These are the people who live their lives either in complete comfort or extreme poverty. These are the faces of India.






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