Where You Cannot Follow


The third and final image of my Giants Among Us silkscreen series produced at Atelier GRAFF in Montreal. I had three days left of my stay in Montreal and I wanted to create a brand new image. I sat with a pencil and a blank piece of paper in front of me not knowing what the heck I was going to try to cram into my last precious hours in the studio.

A dream that I had a long time ago came to mind. I was on a Grecian island that I sensed was evil and needed to find a way home. I ran out onto the shore and saw giant statues with their arms outstretched in the distance. When I jumped into the water and tried to swim across the water the giants began wide, clapping motions. Every time their hands hit it created a powerful wave that sent me tumbling back to shore. I was trapped and could not leave the island.

Unlike my dream, Where You Cannot Follow offers a story of sadness and of hope. The giants are not a threat but they remain as far and unreachable as the statues in my dream.